About PS Conway

Hey everyone! Céad míle fáilte! Welcome to Life Sucks. Laugh Here.

In my college years, I was an English major and aspiring writer.

Then life took the wheel – marriage and kids – in our mid-twenties. Like all good Catholics of Irish descent, I literally looked sideways at my wife, and she was pregnant three weeks after our wedding.

And then the ride of life began. My writing took a backseat for the next twenty-five years.

But now, our daughters are raised, and my wife and I are in a Renaissance phase of our lives.

As I begin to write again, I see so much negativity, intransigence, and anger on social media… so many people seem to think life sucks. The only antidote to this mind-rotting negativity that I know of, albeit transient, is laughter.

So, I have committed to writing and growing this blog around that singular objective… try my damnedest to provide original, literate writing that makes people laugh. And maybe think a little, too.

Hope you really enjoy. If you laugh, please share this blog with your friends so we can grow our follower base and online influence.

We are on a mission to spread joy, mirth, cheer, yule, and good humor to all humankind. And with certainty that extraterrestrials are listening, you are included, too. Thank you all for joining us in this effort.


PS Conway